Ask any child which tastes better: coffee or hot chocolate?

Cocoa is delicious. So is coffee but cocoa has an extra dimension in it’s flavour. Cocoa is the hot drink of choice with a tradition of luxury hot chocolate drinking that goes back for centuries.

Cocoa tastes good and is good for you! Cocoa makes you happy, it energizes like caffeine, cocoa is packed with anti-aging anti-oxidants, and best of all, because of how delicious it is, coca seems a bit self-indulgent, but it isn’t because of all of cocoa’s beneficial properties!

The Cocoa Pod is conceived to be a vertically integrated manufacturing and retail chocolate franchise.

It is an opportunity for someone in the coffee business to extend their line; for someone in the chocolate business to do the same, or for a sophisticated investor to launch.

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The Cocoa Pod Feather chocolate bar The Cocoa Pod logo art

The Cocoa Pod is Indigenous-grown, organic chocolate from Central and South America.